Psychological Distress Linked To Increased Risk Of Death

Stressed out? It may be time to take a breather! New research shows that stress, even at low levels, were 20% more likely to die over a ten year time span.

However, these findings can't necessarily prove that being stressed or depressed is directly linked to death. Similar studies have been conducted and have been unsuccessful in figuring out if people become sick because they're stressed or they become stressed because they're sick.

This study was featured in the British Medicine Journal. The data was compiled from information taken from over 68,000 people over the age of 35. The survey asked a variety of questions on topics such as sleep patterns, ability to face problems, and feelings of worthlessness. The lower the score of the survey taker, the less stressed of a person they are.

The most startling part of the survey is that more than 8,300 people passed away, mostly from heart disease and stroke.

Taking steps toward reducing stress is an important factor in maintaining optimum health. If you feel that your stress level is affecting your quality of life, make an appointment with your doctor as soon as possible.

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