Good Oral Health Starts with Primary Teeth

Small baby girl is learning to brush her teeth. Isolated on white

A lifetime of good oral health begins at an early age with the formation of “baby teeth!” As a newborn, the crowns of primary teeth are present, yet hidden from view. All 20 primary teeth, which erupt through the gums typically by the age of three, are extremely significant.

During this teething stage, it can be painful and distressing for your child. To alleviate some of the pain, offer your child a cold washcloth, or cold foods such as applesauce. The importance of primary teeth is often overlooked due to the fact that they will eventually fall out and be replaced by permanent teeth.

Primary teeth not only help children to chew food and communicate, but they also help guide permanent teeth into position. According to the American Dental Association, they are key in the development of the oral cavity and facial muscles. Primary teeth can decay from the first moment they are visible within the mouth. It is important to take care of your child’s primary teeth because if they are to decay due to insufficient care, permanent teeth can become infected and damaged from underneath them. When a primary tooth decays, the permanent teeth can shift into the empty space and alter the placement of other permanent teeth. Establishing good oral hygiene is essential as soon as your child is born.

Take preventative measure to ensure your child’s primary teeth are healthy!

  • Schedule your child’s first dental visit shortly after the presence of their first primary tooth
  • Clean your child’s gums after feeding even before primary teeth arrive
  • When primary teeth arrive, brush your child’s teeth twice a day with a toothbrush and toothpaste, making sure to also brush the gum line
  • Eliminate bad habits such as thumb sucking
  • Most importantly, encourage your child to develop good oral health by making them excited to brush every day!

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