A Cup of Coffee and a Beautiful Smile

women-drinking-coffeeDrinking a hot cup of coffee in the morning is a daily ritual for many.  In fact, many people see caffeine intake as a necessity for proper functioning and alertness at work or at school.  According to the National Coffee Association, a whopping 83% of Americans have reported that they drink coffee.

Although this tasty drink may help us power through a 6 AM commute, it is important to be aware of the negative effects of frequent coffee intake on oral health.  The porous enamel of our teeth quickly absorbs the liquid and it ultimately causes staining.  If untreated, the dark drink can cause permanent yellowing.  Furthermore, coffee is considered an acidic drink.  Thus, it slowly wears down enamel and contributes to tooth decay.

Another negative side of effect of long term coffee drinking is bad breath and dry mouth.  Caffeine slows saliva production in the mouth.  Without saliva, we are unable to effectively wash away and kill bacteria that lead to plaque build-up.  As a result, the growth of bacteria causes a foul smell in the mouth.

However, there is hope for avid coffee drinkers out there.  Here are some tips to combat some of the negative effects of coffee:

  • Rinse with water following every cup of coffee
  • Limit your overall intake of coffee
  • Drink coffee through a straw if possible (like when you’re drinking iced coffee)
  • Do not let coffee sit in your mouth longer than necessary
  • Drink coffee at set times rather than constantly sipping it throughout the day
  • Always brush and floss
  • Adding cream to lighten the color of your coffee will not decrease its staining properties

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