Is Your Child a Mouth Breather?

smiling child big eyes happySay hello to spring as warm weather and flowers blossom throughout the city. However, as spring comes, seasonal allergies follow. Many children suffer from allergies, which causes nasal congestion and trouble breathing. This can lead to a bad habit called “mouth breathing.” Mouth breathing is prominent in children, but is also true for adults. Many individuals are not aware of the health and behavioral problems associated with mouth breathing.

Breathing through the mouth has many negative benefits. Children who habitually breathe through their mouth often experience problems getting enough oxygen into their blood, which affects their weight, sleep, and even their performance at school. This poor oxygen concentration within the blood can also lead to high blood pressure, heart problems, and other health concerns.

If untreated, children may undergo atypical facial development, including narrow faces and mouths, and gingivitis. Mouth breathing can cause teeth to come in at an improper angle, resulting in crooked teeth. Obtaining treatment for mouth breathing can considerably improve one’s daily life!

Breathing through the mouth instead of the nose can lead to trouble for children. It is important to watch to see if your child is chronically breathing through his or her mouth, because mouth breathing can be treated in children if caught early!

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