Trick or Treat, Brush Your Teeth!

Happy Halloween from the Wellesley Dental Group! In just a few hours, the night will be filled with scary goblins, ghosts, and princesses too! Typical Halloween activities include costume parties, trick-or-treating, pumpkin carving, scary movies, haunted houses, bobbing for apples, and many more spooky events. All around the world, Halloween night is commonly anticipated by the young and even the young at heart! Have you ever wondered how this tradition came about?

Many historians believe that Halloween originated in North America from Celtic nations, including Scotland, Wales, Ireland, Isle of Man, Cornwall, and Brittany. It is believed to be influenced by the Celtic festival of Samhain, meaning "summer's end" in Old Irish. Samhain marks the end of the harvest season and the beginning of winter. For the superstitious, it was believed that the coming winter was accompanied by spirits. They believed that by dressing up in costumes, the spirits wandering in the dark would be fooled and tricked away. At the end of the night, it is said that the Celts would create a bonfire built by their priests. Similar to Halloween, these creative costumes, apples, bonfires, folk plays, and going from door to door reciting verses in exchange for food are all a part of the celebration!

Other historians believe the traditions of Halloween in North America stemmed from Parentalia, or the Festival of the Dead, celebrated in ancient Rome. Centuries later, we still see similar customs and traditions at this spooky time of year!

Today, a huge part of Halloween is loading up on a lot of candy. Each Halloween, children typically look forward to wearing a costume and going from house to house collecting candy by saying the magic words, "trick or treat!" Halloween can be a lot of fun for children because of the tasty candy being passed around. However, it is still important to keep good oral hygiene habits in mind during Halloween! The sugars in candy can lead to tooth decay and other oral health problems.

Here are a few tips to keep your smile healthy on Halloween:

  • Brush and floss after eating candy to reduce risk of tooth decay
  • Avoid hard, sticky and chewy candies
  • Limit the amount of candy consumed
  • Drink fluoridated water to keep teeth strong and help rinse away sugars

Also, did you know that Halloween has come to evolve in other countries around the world? Countries including Italy and Canada also celebrate Halloween. Other countries including Sweden, Norway, and Germany have also joined in the fun of Halloween! However, some countries, including Australia, are not so involved in Halloween.

This time of the year also marks the 7th Annual Candy Drive at the Wellesley Dental Group! Halloween is a fun and creative celebration, filled with family, friends, goblins, ghosts, superheros, princesses, and anything that you want to dress up as!

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