Fluoride in Wellesley's Water: What does it mean for us?


A hot button topic: What's the right amount of fluoride? All over the news we hear of towns voting to increase or decrease the amount of fluoride in their water. But what is the right amount of fluoride?

The fluoride craze began in 1901 when a young dentist by the name of Frederick McKay moved to Colorado Springs, Colorado. He soon noticed that the residents of his town were remarkably immune to cavities, although the residents of adjacent towns were not. Sensing that there was more to the story, he began to test each town's water supply. Dr. McKay soon found that Colorado Springs had a higher amount of fluoride in their water than the other towns. He spread the news across the country and soon enough the face of preventative dentistry was changed forever.

Today, it is generally understood that a certain amount of fluoride is extremely beneficial for our teeth: it prevents cavities and decay, all while hardening teeth enamel in both adults and children. However, there is a fine line. Too much fluoride can cause bone pain and tenderness, and cause adverse aesthetics. In regards to water regulation, our towns follow federal guidelines for fluoride enriched water. The optimal amount is .7 mg/L 

The town of Wellesley's Department of Public Works will be publishing their annual water quality report on July 1st, 2015. Be sure to read it at: www.wellesleyma.gov/waterreport

Not from Wellesley? Try one of these sites to find your town's annual water quality report!




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