A Sweet Tradition: 8th Annual Candy Drive


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All Metro-West Schools are invited to join Wellesley Dental Group's 8th Annual Community Candy Drive to benefit the U.S. troops serving overseas. From November 1st to November 5th, our office will be collecting candy, as well as handwritten notes and cards, to be sent to American servicemen via non-profit organization CarePacks, along with oral hygiene supplies.

This year, the competition is bigger than ever! We will be awarding a grand prize of $1000 to the school PTO that donates the most candy! The winning school will be selected based on the amount of candy donated divided by the number of students in the school, to ensure fair competition. The Candy Drive is open to any school or institute that is interested in participating in this cause.

We also invites schools and organizations to be a part of our Press Event on November 5th at 10:00 am, at our office on 5 Seaward in Wellesley. Principals, faculty members, parents, and students (with the permission of their parents and teachers) are welcome to attend. Local institutions, media and photographers are also invited to participate. RSVP is requested.

To schedule a candy drop-off, please call 781-237-9071 or email the Wellesley Dental Group at candydrive@wellesleydentalgroup.com.

Our goal is to teach our kids lessons in giving by encouraging them to share their extra Halloween candy with our troops overseas. These sweet treats and the handwritten cards are a reminder of home for these soldiers, and a reflection of our gratitude.

To check out awesome photos and more information regarding last year’s event, click here.

Let's keep this fun tradition going!


[caption id="attachment_9007" align="alignleft" width="600"]DSC02378 (1) Tufts Jumbos Making a Difference! Dr. Zarah Ali, Dr. Femina Ali, and Dr. Ejaz Ali at the 2014 Candy Drive.[/caption]

[caption id="attachment_9004" align="alignleft" width="600"]DSC01972 Candy Drive 2012 had over 5000 lbs of candy donated. Candy Drive 2013 had over 7000 lbs of candy donated. More than 7600 lbs of candy collected in 2014! We're getting bigger and better each year![/caption]

[caption id="attachment_9002" align="alignleft" width="600"]DSC02266 Students from Wellesley High School[/caption]



[caption id="attachment_8994" align="alignleft" width="600"]DSC02248 A striking rendition of the national anthem was given by a seven-year old Elementary School Student, Evan Lariviere.[/caption]

[caption id="attachment_9005" align="alignleft" width="600"]DSC02280 Speakers at the 2014 Candy Drive event included Wellesley Selectman Ellen Gibbs, School Superintendent Wellesley Dr. David Lussier, and The President of Care Packs, Mr. Rick Bruce. The US Marines, Army and the National Guards, the American Legion, the Wellesley Fire Department and the Wellesley Police Department were present.[/caption]



[caption id="attachment_8993" align="alignleft" width="600"]DSC02060 Students interacting with our Troops![/caption]



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