Disney and Digital Dentistry

UntitledWith Halloween coming up, we'll be seeing a lot of the awesome Disney characters trick-or-treating around town. From princesses to action heroes, Disney has been a fun and creative part of childhood for kids and the kids-at-heart.

Many of us have been entertained by the creative animation in Disney films. How amazing would it be if the same technology used in Disney could also be used to improve medical and dental practices? What if we told you that there is already progress on this innovative idea?

Thabo Beeler, Swiss scientist and leader of the Capture and Effects Group at Disney Research Zurich, explains how new technologies initially designed for entertainment purposes can also be helpful in medicine and dentistry. 

At the Computer Graphics Laboratory, virtual patient simulation has been of interest for a long time. However, Doctors have just recently began to learn more about this scanning technology. Now, research has begun on a project to discover whether or not research in virtual patient simulation could be used in the medical and dental field.

Disney's work can help create the bridge between digital technologies and medicine/dentistry because there are many similarities between the technologies used in in these fields and those used in the film industry. Doctors hope to integrate all digital surface or dental scans into a virtual patient because this would simulate all processes of the human. How cool would it be to create a digital copy of a real human?! Researchers have used photogrammetry, which combines two or more slightly displaced pictures of the same object into a 3-D computer image. This process is inexpensive and relatively easy to follow.

Research groups at Disney are attempting to recreate all the details of facial structures for the entertainment industry due to how perceptive our eyes are in terms of faces and social communication. Similarly, medical researchers try their best to simulate virtual patients in order to provide accurate diagnoses and treatments. Beeler believes that the new technologies can be used for planning surgeries, monitoring healing processes, and so much more. There is great potential for these digital technologies in future generations. Maybe in the future, you’ll be able to get a dental checkup from the convenience of your own computer!

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