Post-Halloween Treats: Try These Orthodontics-Safe Recipes!

spooky-cookiesThe truly scary part about Halloween are the days that follow --mainly due to the large stashes of candy collected that can be damaging to your oral health. Not to mention, those who have braces may be tempted to indulge in sticky or hard candies that could bend wires and break brackets off of the teeth.

During Halloween season, the American Association of Orthodontists (AAO) sponsor National Orthodontic Health Month, which is the perfect opportunity to remind patients with braces to think about braces-friendly treats that they can enjoy this Halloween. The AAO combines the spooky spirit of Halloween with tips for maintaining braces by compiling a list of tasty recipes that will make your orthodontist smile.

These recipes, created by cooking instructor and food blogger Aura Kavadlo, include:

Although we all know that sugar is a major part of Halloween, we hope that these recipes will offer examples of healthier alternatives and give some guidance to patients who have orthodontic work done. It is important to avoid hard, sticky, gooey, crunchy, and chewy types of candy, such as Now and Laters, Jolly Ranchers, jellybeans, taffy, caramel, and jawbreakers.

Halloween is a scary time for orthodontists, because there is usually a rise in breakages of bonds and brackets, bent wires, and gum irritation. Patients who are undergoing treatment of Align Technology's Invisalign need to go a step further to ensure proper treatment by removing their trays from their mouths before snacking on hard or sticky candy to avoid cracking the trays.

However, going trick-or-treating can still be fun if you clean your teeth thoroughly after snacking! Make sure to floss, brush properly for the full two minutes, or use devices to remove excess sugar from your teeth.

Along with the AAO, we hope to advocate good oral health and proper ways to take care of dental appliances even though Halloween is known for its sugar temptations.

Instead of jeopardizing your dental work and overall dental health, make yourself some of these creative treats and donate your piles of leftover candy to our Annual Candy Drive! The drive serves as a treat for the community as a whole. In celebration of Veteran’s Day with care packages full of candy, cards, and oral hygiene supplies for the United States troops, this year’s eighth Annual Candy Drive is a great incentive for children to eat less candy, and provide a nature of sharing, patriotism, and community. The Candy Drive Press Event will take place November 5th at 10 A.M. at our office (5 Seaward, Wellesley). This year we will be awarding a grand prize of $1000 to the school PTO that donates the most candy!

Please feel free to drop off candy, as well as handwritten notes and cards for American servicemen at our office from November 1st to November 5th. For more info, follow our Candy Drive Facebook page and watch out for new blogs!

Help your kids fight tooth decay by limiting the amount of sugar in their diet, and monitor how much candy they consume. It is important to remember that a healthy diet, along with good oral health habits, can help maintain a healthy smile!

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