Do you have dry mouth like a desert? Here's why

Dry mouth, also known as xerostomia, happens when salivary glands in your mouth do not produce enough saliva. If you have dry mouth, you may constantly feel the need to drink water- only to find that you still have a ‘dry feeling’ afterwards. Having a dry mouth may result in bad breath, a dry tongue, difficulty swallowing, and a general unpleasant feeling.

Causes of dry mouth:

  • Medications
    • Side effects of several medications, including over-the-counter antihistamines and pain relievers, may include dry mouth.
  • Tobacco, caffeine, and alcohol use
    • Reducing tobacco, caffeine, and alcohol use is not only beneficial for your overall health, but also will reduce dry mouth.
  • Certain health conditions
    • Diabetes, stroke, or Alzheimer’s disease can all contribute to feelings of dry mouth.
  • Aging
    • Saliva production decreases as one ages, which results in dry mouth.

How to fix it?

  • Use over-the-counter mouthwashes for dry mouth, which contain the active ingredient xylitol.
  • You may also contact your primary care provider to see which medications you are taking could be contributing to a dry mouth symptom.
  • Your doctor or dentist may prescribe medication to stimulate saliva production and reduce the symptoms of dry mouth.

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