Will Eating Yogurt Help Reduce the Risk of Breast Cancer?

Inflammation has been a common link to many systemic diseases. Inflammation is our body's way of fighting against potentially harmful pathogens. Gum disease, which includes periodontitis, is one of the most common inflammatory diseases and has been linked to several inflammatory conditions and cancers. Now, new research published in the journal Medical Hypotheses by Lancaster University is suggesting that one of causes of breast cancer may be due to inflammation in response to harmful bacteria. Although our body consists of more than10 billion bacterial cells, most of which are nontoxic, some can produce toxins that can initiate the inflammatory response within the body. But there is good news: The researchers recommend eating natural yogurt, as it contains the "good bacteria," also known as probiotics, that can help lessen the inflammatory response. It was found that the lactose fermenting bacteria within yogurt is remarkably similar to the bacteria /microflora found in a mother's breastmilk during lactation. They found that for each year of breast feeding, the risk of developing breast cancer is reduced by 4.3%!  Not to mention, the probiotics may also help to slow the growth of dental cavity causing bacteria.

Other studies have also suggested a positive link between consuming yogurt and a reduction in breast cancer risk, which researchers believe is because of the beneficial bacteria disrupting the harmful bacteria.

So, consuming yogurt may help lower your risk of breast cancer and help your gums. Plain yogurt is definitely tooth-friendly because of its high protein and calcium content, which help to keep your tooth enamel strong. Plus, yogurt helps make your mouth less acidic, which makes your oral environment one that bacteria have a hard time surviving in. By eliminating harmful bacteria that can produce smelly odors, this also can help to combat bad breath!

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