My Tooth Hurts, Now What Do I Do? 

We all know the uncomfortable feeling of a toothache. Yet, it turns out that there could be several possible culprits behind the pain.

If you are experiencing sharp pain after the consumption of hot or cold beverages, you may have sensitive teeth. Tooth sensitivity can be a result of worn tooth enamel, a fractured tooth, deteriorated fillings, tooth decay, or receding gums. You should see your dentist to confirm a diagnosis and discuss possible treatment options, but until then try using a tooth sensitivity toothpaste with a soft bristle brush to help with the pain. Excessive teeth whitening and acidic foods should also be avoided. If instead you are experiencing a more constant throbbing pain, you may have an infected or abscessed tooth.

If the pain feels like it's radiating from the jaw, it could be a result of an impacted tooth, a temporomandibular disorder, arthritis, excessive teeth grinding or clenching. Sinusitis could be the underlying cause of the pain if you are experiencing discomfort on both sides of your face or in your upper teeth.

Regardless of the current level of pain you are experiencing, you should always make an appointment with your dentist so an exact diagnosis can be determined and to prevent the pain from developing further. What feels like a slight discomfort now, can quickly develop into acute pain down the line.

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