The Global Race for a COVID-19 Vaccine

With Covid-19 on the rise in many states and across the globe, scientists and researchers are racing to produce a safe and effective vaccine. To date, there are currently 11,304,534 confirmed cases worldwide, with approximately 531,659 deaths reported. The World Health Organization (WHO) has announced that AstraZeneca, a global biopharmaceutical organization, in collaboration with Oxford University are leading the way with an experimental Covid-19 vaccine. WHO chief scientist Soumya Swaminathan stated AstraZeneca’s experimental vaccine is “the most advanced in terms of development.”

AstraZeneca has started large-scale, mid-stage human trials of the vaccine candidate and are currently in Phase III. The company has signed its tenth supply-and-manufacturing deal this past week. Brazil recently signed an agreement to begin producing the vaccine, and has estimated that it will make 30 million doses by January 2021. The CEO of AstraZeneca believes that the vaccine will provide immunity against Covid-19 for 1 year.

WHO’s chief scientist also stated that Moderna Inc., a United States based pharmaceutical company, is “not far behind” in its production of a vaccine, although she believes, “AstraZeneca certainly has a more global scope at the moment in terms of where they are doing and planning their vaccine trials.” Moderna Inc. is currently in Phase II trails of the vaccine and plans to make 100 million doses starting this July. Moderna is partnered with other companies including the pharmaceutical company Catalent, Johnson and Johnson, and AstraZeneca.

However, in total there are approximately 140 experimental vaccines currently being developed, with more than 13 experimental vaccines undergoing clinical trials. The WHO is also in contact with Chinese and Indian manufacturers and researchers regarding potential vaccines. It is their hope that companies will collaborate to help create a vaccine to help fight the virus.

Although nothing is set in stone yet, scientists predict that it is possible to have a COVID-19 vaccine within one year, according to the Director-General of the World Health Organization.

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