Notice Bumps on the Tips of your Teeth?

May 28th, 2021

Ever stare at your front teeth and notice bumpy ridges on the tips of them? No need to be concerned if this is the case, these are called mamelons. Mamelons are located on the upper and lower incisors, which are the teeth in the front of the mouth that we use to cut into food. These appear when the tooth enamel fuses during development before the teeth erupt into the mouth through your gums. There are typically three mamelons on each tooth, and can be present on both baby and permanent teeth. Mamelons don't serve any significance or have any function, although certain sources say they help the tooth cut through he gums to enter the mouth when the tooth is coming in.

Most of the time, mamelons don't last long, as they tend to wear down naturally as they're used to chew foods throughout childhood. Sometimes they persist when teeth erupt later than normally or if the upper and lower teeth do not interact when chewing to naturally grind them away. For instance, people who have an open bite, in which the teeth do not come into contact. Often if an individuals bite is not correct, orthodontic treatment is recommended.

Mamelons are completely harmless, yet some adults may request to have them removed by their dentist for esthetic purposes by smoothing out the incisal edges. Once they are removed, however, they will not grow back.

Mamelons should be distinguished from abnormal tooth wear. Tooth wear can include attrition, abfraction and abrasion. Attrition is commonly a result of teeth grinding (bruxism) or an improper bite, which causes chips in the tooth enamel where the tooth is worn down. Abfraction occurs when there is an unhealthy load on the teeth creating a notch on the tooth near the gumline. Abfraction can also be a result of tooth grinding or a misaligned bite. Lastly, abrasion can be a result of an excessive amount of force, such as from brushing the teeth too hard. Abrasion presents similarly to abfraction, as it can create a notch on the tooth near the gumline.

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