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Thank You Wellesley Mother's Forum!

September 24th, 2013

The caring team at Wellesley Dental Group had a fun Saturday morning at the Wellesley Town Hall Greens, next to the Wellesley Post Office . We were the guest of Wellesley Mother's Forum. Mother's Forum is a non-profit organization and a member-led social and support group for Wellesley women with young children. Members are required to live in Wellesley or surrounding towns and have at least one child (or be currently expecting). The majority of their members have children between the ages of birth to eight years old.

Serving as the Smile Ambassadors for Wellesley and the surrounding towns this was a perfect way to educate the young kids about brushing and flossing. Events like this help motivate and encourage young children and their parents about being proactive for their dental health. While Dr. Femina Ali was helping demonstrate on our famous mascot, Christopher,with a giant toothbrush Dr. Ejaz Ali was giving balloons as prizes. Everyone that stopped for brushing lessons also got an Oral Stages toothbrush.

The kids also loved having pictures taken with our wonderful Tooth Fairy. It was a successful event and we cannot thank Wellesley Mother's Forum enough for including us. We were so happy to see all of our young smile ambassadors and teach them about the importance of maintaining good oral health. Thank you Wellesley Mother's Forum for being so proactive in the community!

We want to acknowledge the help of our friend Joanna Bandte who brought smiles to tons of children by doing feather extensions in their hair. Thank you Joanna!

Also, we want to give a big thank you to the event directors Diane Conway & Meryl Glassman and also to the Co-Presidents Sabreena Kropp & Meghan Thompson. What a fun community event, we can't wait for to participate again next year for the Fall Carnival! We are also looking forward to hosting our annual Candy Drive for the Wellesley Mother's Forum.

Candy drive

October 31st, 2009

WDG Team and 900 lbs of candy 

WELLESLEY, MA -- A huge pile of candy does not scare the dentist away! In fact, Drs. Ali and Ali of Wellesley Dental Group say “bring it on” when it comes to the tons of candy local children collect at Halloween. Children and their parents are invited to drop off extra candy to benefit overseas troops during the second-annual Halloween Candy drive. 

[caption id="attachment_516" align="alignleft" width="300" caption="In 2008, more than 900 pounds of candy went to overseas troops."]In 2008, more than 900 pounds of candy went to overseas troops.[/caption]

Candy can be delivered to Wellesley Dental Group, 5 Seaward Road in Wellesley between 9 am and 4 pm, Monday through Thursday, and 9 am to 1 pm on Fridays, starting November 2 through November 13.

Each child will receive $1 for paper lunch bags full of candy in this candy “buy-back.” Last year, over 900 pounds of candy were donated to S.K.I.P. (Special Kindness in Packages, Inc.) This year, the goal is for over 2,000 pounds of candy to be sent to troops in fun care packages.  (We've actually upped the goal from 1,000 pounds).

For more information about the drive and Drs. Ali’s “Keeping Cavities off the Streets” campaign, please call 781-237-9071.

All of our events are featured on our Facebook and twitter accounts.  To stay in the loop, we welcome you to friend us on Facebook (we have a group and a fan page) or follow @WellesleyDental on twitter.


Babson Care Packages

August 31st, 2009




[caption id="attachment_525" align="alignleft" width="225" caption="Care packages for Babson orientation"]Care packages for Babson orientation[/caption]

Wellesley Dental Group, in cooperation with Babson College Health Services, was able to deliver 500 care packages to the incoming Class of 2013 at Babson's orientation on Friday, Aug. 28.
Included in each care package (contained in a new water bottle) were some important dental hygiene supplies, such as dental floss, new toothbrush, and toothpaste. 
Wellesley Dental Group interns, who are students at Babson College, suggested these items.  They said that reusable water bottles would be helpful for several reasons - students would be able to drink more water if they had something to carry it in, saving money, and reducing the number of plastic bottles thrown away or needing recycling.
We encourage students to do their best keeping up the healthy habits they learned as children and teenagers - brushing at least twice daily (more often if snacking throughout the day) and flossing at least once daily.
If anyone from orientation did not receive a care package from us, please email us at or please call  us at 781-237-9071.  We can have a care package ready for you to pick-up.



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