This trend could ruin your smile

February 19th, 2018

Lately, the activated charcoal trend is all around us. Proponents of activated charcoal use it for clearing acne, detox, and recently even on food! But is it really safe for achieving a healthy, bright, and white smile?

After seeing hundreds of online before and after pictures proving that it works, many people are willing to try activated charcoal to remove the ‘yellowness’ of their teeth. These surface stains will be more apparent in avid drinkers of coffee, tea, or wine. The truth is that activated charcoal actually does remove these surface stains your enamel, but at a cost.

Using activated charcoal can be too abrasive for your teeth and can actually wear down your enamel with long-term use. Long-term use of activated charcoal does more harm than good by slowly stripping away layers of tooth enamel, revealing the yellowish looking dentin layer underneath.

[caption id="attachment_10550" align="alignleft" width="395"] Abrasive habits gradually wear down enamel & expose dentin underneath[/caption]

Exposure of dentin could potentially result in increased sensitivity.

Habits like brushing too harshly or incorporating activated charcoal into your daily routine could be much too corrosive for your teeth. The safest option for achieving a healthy and white smile is to look for top professional whitening procedures, which we offer at our office.

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