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Treats are Tricky: Tips for Halloween

October 25th, 2018

Halloween can be a scary time of year. There's lots of spooky costumes and decorations that can give us all the chills. Not to mention the famous question, "Trick or Treat?" Most people opt for the delicious treats and often have a huge stash of candy that lasts beyond the holiday. But, what you may not have been aware of is the scary effects of all the treats being passed out that can impact your teeth! Normal bacteria in the mouth thrive off of the sugar within Halloween candy and in turn produce acid that cause tooth decay. Not to worry though, it's okay to indulge in a little Halloween candy but make sure you know these tips and tricks to help you and your family keep your pearly whites healthy. With your leftover candy, we'd love for you to come participate in our 11th Annual Candy Drive from November 1st to 8th at the Wellesley Dental Group (5 Seaward Road, Wellesley). We are gathering our communities together to collect thousands of pounds of candy, a ton of thoughtful messages, and oral hygiene kits, which will be sent to the U.S. troops as a thanks for all that they do to keep us safe. Check out our flyer here. We will be hosting a community and press event on the November 9th, from 10 am to 11 am, also at our office in Wellesley where a cash prize will be given to the PTO of the school that contributes the highest amount of candy. If you have questions or queries about how you can join hands with us for this great cause, or to RSVP for the community event, send us an email at candydrive@wellesleydentalgroup.com, or call us at 781-237-9071.

1. Eat Halloween candy with meals

Interestingly, the timing of when you eat candy makes a difference. It's better to eat Halloween candy with meals or shortly after eating a meal because there is more saliva production. Saliva helps wash away food particles and neutralize the acids produced by bacteria. Chewing sugarless gum can also help increase saliva flow and wash out leftover foods in the mouth.

2. Pick and choose your candy

It's better to stay away from hard and sticky candies (ex: caramels, gummy bears) that can linger in your mouth for long periods of time. The longer sugary foods are in your mouth, the greater risk of tooth decay. Chocolate is often a better option as it is washed away quickly in the mouth.

3. Stay hydrated with water

Consuming fluoridated water can help prevent tooth decay and is especially good to rinse with after consuming candy.

Most importantly, make sure to practice good oral hygiene by brushing, flossing, and visiting the dentist regularly.

Feel free to contact Drs. Ali & Ali and their newest addition to the team, Dr. Zarah Ali, if you have any thoughts or concerns. Your little ones and teens are welcome to visit our pediatric dentist Dr. Van. Dr. Emad is happy to help with your orthodontic needs. For wisdom teeth extractions or any other periodontal or oral surgery needs, Dr. Ghazi would be more than willing to help.

The caring team at Wellesley Dental Group will be happy to answer your questions! Contact us today at 781-237-9071 or smile@wellesleydentalgroup.com to set up an appointment and consultation.




Candy Drive: Behind the Scenes!

November 13th, 2014

Candy drive


It is an exciting and busy day at the Wellesley Dental Group! As we prepare for the 7th Annual Candy Drive, the office is full of helping hands, bright smiles, and lots of candy! We always look forward to this time of year, as this event encourages community involvement, sharing, as well as showing our gratitude to our soldiers.

Behind the scenes, the glorious candy truck is making its way to local schools collecting candy for our U.S. troops! In celebration of Veterans Day, decorative cards and Halloween candies have been collected the past couple of weeks from several schools and participants in the Metro-West region. These items will be sent to our soldiers via Care Packs.

Today, Meenah Tariq, a graduate student and Fulbright scholar from Babson College, the Wellelsey Mothers forum, and the Wellesley College Pre-Dental Society have joined us so far as we set up for the drive. Gift bags, candy boxes, and more are being prepared for the big event.

The Community Candy Drive began as an incentive for children to maintain their oral health by sharing their trick-or-treat candy stash. Last year, we collected a whopping 7300 lbs. of candy! The candy drive encourages a spirit of giving and gratitude for the service of troops to our nation. Another fun aspect of the drive includes a raffle for all student participants, with gifts and prizes that will be distributed tomorrow at the big event!

The event will include guest speakers, Ellen Gibbs, Selectman at Town of Wellesley, and Dr. David Lussier , Wellesley School Superintendent. Not to mention the National Anthem by Elementary School students and a performance by the Wellesley High School Band. We will also be joined by guests from the U.S. Marine Corps, MA National Guard, Wellesley's American Legion Post 72, Celebrations Society, Wellesley Police and Fire Department, Wellesley Mother's Forum, Wellesley Veterans office, among others!

The help from the community is astonishing! Towns including Wellesley, Newton, Needham, Natick, Dedham, Boston, Framingham, Westwood, Waltham are all involved in the Candy Drive. Other local organizations involved are Babson College, Wellesley Police and Fire Department, Wellesley Mothers' Forum, Wellesley Hills Junior Women's Club, and Wellesley Food Pantry. The candy drive has even expanded to Connecticut, with support from United Church in New Haven!

At the Wellesley Dental Group we believe that the Community Candy Drive attests to the remarkable power and strength of the community. The donations and involvement of young children giving up the treats they love to our troops is heat warming! We hope that you can join us at our office tomorrow, Nov 14th 2014 from 10:00 am -11:00 am! 

Feel free to contact Drs. Ali & Ali and the caring team at Wellesley Dental Group if you have any thoughts or concerns; they will be happy to answer your questions! Contact us today at 781-237-9071 or smile@wellesleydentalgroup.com to set up an appointment and consultation.

Your little ones and teens are welcome to visit our pediatric dentist Dr. Kim or Dr.PradhanDr. Emad is happy to help with your orthodontic needs. For wisdom teeth extractions or any other oral surgery needs Dr. Ghazi would be more than willing to help.

Candy Drive 2011 video - You may star in our next one!

October 10th, 2012

Only a few weeks until our 5th Annual Candy Drive here at Wellesley Dental Group and we couldn't be more excited.

In fact, we wanted to share with you a video from last year's successful drive!

This year, our candy will be sent over seas courtesy of CarePacks, a non-profit organization that sends care packages to troops in Iraq and Afghanistan. CarePacks is a wonderful organization that provides soldiers with supplies to help improve their morale, mental health, and quality of life. What better way to make them feel "back home" than with loads of Halloween candy? We look forward to your support on November 9th!

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