Summertime in the City: What's Healthy and What's Not

June 2nd, 2015

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June is finally here and it will be hard for many of us to resist a cold drink on a hot summer day. With the many family barbecues and outings, you're sure to be in for a treat this summer. During the warmer months, there are many tasty foods and drinks at our convenience. However, some of these items aren’t so tooth-friendly. As we all know, it is important to limit the amount of sugary foods and drinks we intake to ensure a healthy smile. For the health of your mouth, which links to your overall health, try adding these healthy options to your plate and glass this summer:

Drink, Drink, and Drink more water:

A nice glass of water can be a refreshing drink as you relax by the poolside. Water is important for staying hydrated, especially when your active and the sun is shining. Your smile will also thank you if you rinse your mouth with water after meals. Water, particularly tap water, even has the benefit of containing fluoride.


Watermelon, made of 92% water, is another tasty  and healthy snack that will keep you hydrated this summer. It contains  lycopene, which helps keep skin protected. Also, many foods that are mainly composed of water have fewer calories. Your kids may even enjoy making watermelon popsicles!


Milk is a great alternative to sugary drinks because it has been found to reduce levels of acid produced by plaque bacteria. Milk helps remineralize teeth by providing calcium to keep your teeth strong.

Sugar-Free Gum:

Chewing sugar-free gum can help to stimulate saliva flow and ultimately help to wash away left behind foods. However, it is not clear whether or not xylitol, commonly found in sugar-free gum, actually lowers the risk of developing dental cavities.


Strawberries are in season and packed with healthy ingredients. Strawberries contain malic acid, which is known to whiten enamel. They also contain many antioxidants and vitamin C, which can help to regulate blood pressure and cholesterol, and promote eye health.


Cheese is full of calcium, the protein casein, and vitamin D, all good for the health of your teeth. Researchers have discovered that cheese helps increases the pH levels of dental plaque, helping to reduce tooth decay.


Pears contain a wealth of fiber that will benefit your teeth. They help to produce saliva and lower plaque levels in the mouth.


Crispy apples are full of vitamins and nutrients. Full of water and lots of fiber, apples help to scrub and clean the surface of your teeth.


Veggies ranging from carrots rich in Vitamin A to dark leafy greens rich in iron, can make a great snack to chew on. Including vegetables in your diet is essential for the health of your teeth and body.


Research has suggested that cranberries help lower the risk of cavities by helping to keep plaque from sticking to teeth. But, you may want to pay attention to the labels on cranberry products, as many of them can contain added sugars to compensate for their naturally tart flavor.


Some foods and drinks that are hard-to-resist, but should be avoided to keep strong and healthy teeth, include:


Soft Drinks, Sports Drinks, Sweet Tea, and Juice: Drinking a cold soda may sound refreshing, but it is damaging to tooth enamel. It can also dehydrate your body and make you feel more thirsty. Even sports drinks, artificially sweetened drinks, and concentrated fruit juice contain sugars for the bacteria in dental plaque to feed on and produce harmful acids. The acid then tears away at tooth enamel and can eventually lead to tooth decay. Highly acidic drinks can even cause heartburn and stomach pain. Sipping on these drinks throughout the day rather than at meal times should also be avoided because saliva production is not at its peak. Saliva is important for washing away bacteria and food particles.

Ice Cream:

The many flavors of ice cream are delicious, but unfortunately is full of sugar. Some individuals may also experience tooth sensitivity. Sensitive teeth results when the dentin underneath tooth enamel becomes exposed. This can cause pain, but can be treated. If you do have a taste for ice cream, try and select ice cream with less sugar.

Citrus Fruits:

As we all know, limes, lemons, oranges, and grapefruits are very acidic. These fruits contain citric acid and can be damaging to teeth if consumed frequently.


A common practice, but an unhealthy one, is to mix vegetables with vinegar. This acidic combination can erode tooth enamel. Pickles are also very acidic.

Granola and Energy Bars:

These items may appear to be good for teeth, but often the dried fruit and other ingredients can be sticky, chewy, and hard to get off of teeth.


We all know that candy contains a lot of sugar, and should be avoided for the protection of your smile.


It is important to remember that if you do choose some of the not-so-healthy foods and beverages, consume them in moderation. Also, avoid snacking between meals, as acids can stick around for up to 20 minutes after eating. Not to mention, be mindful of the dyes used in many foods and beverages that can cause tooth discoloration. Practice good oral health habits and lean more towards a tooth-friendly diet.

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June is National Dairy Month!

June 6th, 2014

The start of June signals the beginning of summer, warmer weather, beach vacations and... the start of National Dairy Month!  Formerly known as National Milk Month, National Dairy Month began in 1937 as a way to get people to incorporate more nutritious dairy into their diets.  Dairy products contain nine essential nutrients like calcium and potassium.  These healthy nutrients can help manage weight, reduce risk for high blood pressure and osteoporosis, and they also keep your teeth healthy.

Although most people know that drinking milk leads to strong bones, not many people realize that dairy products can also help keep your teeth strong as well.  Nutritious dairy products like yogurt or string cheese contain high levels of calcium and vitamin D.  Calcium is a vital nutrient responsible for the rebuilding of teeth.  More specifically, the saliva in our mouths expose calcium to our teeth and it helps to combat some of the corroding effects of foods we eat (like carbohydrates and sugars) and remineralization will take place.

The National Dairy Council suggests that people older than 9 years should ideally consume 3 servings of low-fat or fat-free dairy every day.  However, most people are only getting 2 or less servings of dairy daily.  For example, a single serving of dairy is equal to one 8-ounce glass of fat-free or low-fat milk or 1.5 ounces of reduced-fat natural cheese like cheddar.

Here are some fun dairy-filled snack ideas to try this summer adapted from the National Dairy Council:

  • Wrap pretzel rods with reduced-fat Cheddar cheese
  • Blend a cup of low-fat chocolate milk, a banana, and ice cubes
  • Cup up pieces of fruit and include low-fat or fat-free vanilla yogurt as a dip
  • "Yogurt-sicle"s: pour low-fat yogurt into small paper cups, insert popsticks and freeze
  • Fruit-and-Cheese Kabobs: alternate slices of apple and reduced-fat cheese cubes on small wooden skewers
Feel free to contact Drs. Ali & Ali and the caring team at Wellesley Dental Group if you have any thoughts or concerns; they will be happy to answer your questions! Contact us today at 781-237-9071or smile@wellesleydentalgroup.com to set up an appointment and consultation.Your little ones and teens are welcome to visit our pediatric dentist Dr. Kim or Dr.PradhanDr. Emad is happy to help with your orthodontic needs. For wisdom teeth extractions or any other oral surgery needs Dr. Ghazi would be more than willing to help.





Headache Awareness Week June 6 - 12

June 8th, 2010

Splitting, major, awful, severe, horrible, lingering- those are words people may use when describing headaches.  I know; I used to deal with almost weekly migraines.  Headache questionThough millions suffer from headaches, not everyone understands why.  The National Headache Foundation is sponsoring a Headache Awareness Week this June 6 - June 12.

The foundation uses this time to educate people about why headaches occur, how they affect other aspects of your life, and it provides resources for headache sufferers.  For more information about National Headache Awareness Week, please visit http://www.headaches.org/education

I don't know I grew out of headaches, or if the night guard Dr. Ali made me kept me from grinding my teeth (which then caused the headaches) but I actually can't remember my last headache.  That's a wonderful feeling!

Father's Day June 20

June 5th, 2010

Father's Day is this Sunday, June 20.

We've interviewed a few dads to see what kind of gifts they'd love, keeping in mind that not all gifts are material.  

Father and Child

 Here's a compilation of what they thought would make a nice Father's Day present:

1.) A nice relaxing visit together - not a hurried and over-scheduled one.

2.) Tools - what would your Dad buy right now if he were at the hardware/home improvement store with money to spend? Has he mentioned anything that needs replacing or would make home projects easier?

3.) New cell phone.

4.) Digital picture frame (with pictures already uploaded).

5.) A freshly washed and vaccuumed car.

6.) A homemade Father's Day card.

7.) A shirt

8.) Specialty steaks for grilling

9.) A day at the beach building sand castles with the kids and playing frisbee.

10.) A hug, a kiss, and a big "I Love You, Dad!"

There are thousands more wonderful ideas - here are some great gifts that kids can make, courtesy of Family Fun Magazine.

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