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What are Those Bumps in my Mouth?

June 7th, 2021

Some people may notice hard bumps when sliding their tongue around the floor of their mouth and/or at the roof of their mouth. Wondering what these are? These bumps are most likely dental tori, which are harmless bony projections that are covered by your gums. Yet, if you are experiencing any pain or detect any areas in your mouth that concern you be sure to let your dentist know to determine the correct diagnosis. Most people live with dental tori for a long time and never notice, until perhaps their dentist informs them.

The bony growths located on the lower jaw are termed mandibular tori, while the ones located on the roof of the mouth are called palatal tori. The National Institutes of Health (NIH) states that 27 out of every 1,000 individuals have tori. To put this into perspective with percentages, the Cleveland Clinic reports that approximately 6% of Americans have mandibular tori, while approximately 20% of Americans have palatal tori. Some people may even notice these bumps located on the upper or lower jaw facing their cheeks, called buccal exostoses.

Individuals can have one bump (torus), or multiple, and they can vary in shape. They can also be found on one side of the jaw or on both sides. Sometimes these bony projections can grow larger slowly overtime.

Dental tori may be a result of many factors, including genetics, age, gender, trauma, or nutritional deficiencies for instance. Tori don't typically cause any trouble, so treatment is often not recommended by dental professionals in many cases. However, if the tori are causing interferences, such as with daily eating or speaking, treatment may be needed. In addition, the tori may be recommended to be removed if they interfere with dental prostheses such as braces or dentures. If tori removal is suggested by your dental professional, typically a maxillofacial surgeon will surgically remove them.

Practicing good oral habits including toothbrushing, flossing, and rinsing with antibacterial mouth rinse can help keep your tori and mouth overall healthy. 

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