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Story Books for Oral Health Education 

May 6th, 2020

One way to support your child in learning about oral health and care is through storybooks. Storybooks can be the perfect read to prepare your child before a dental visit or to enforce healthy oral habits. Below are some of our top picks!

Just Going to the Dentist

From Mercer Mayer’s classic Little Critter series, this heartwarming book is filled with plenty of humor and will help ease any worries about upcoming dental visits. In this book, Little Critter goes to the dentist for a check-up, takes a few x-rays, and even gets a filling for a cavity.

The Tooth Book: A Guide to Healthy Teeth and Gums

The Tooth Book provides oral care advice as well as some fun facts, history, and lore. The book helps answer a range of questions including what to do if you have lost a tooth, what to expect at dental visits, and how to floss. This book was recently named a Bank Street Best Children’s Book of the Year.

Sugarbug Doug

Written by dentist Dr. Ben Magelby, Sugarbug Doug helps children visualize how bacteria can cause cavities. With plenty of glowing reviews, this book teaches children about healthy eating habits and how to protect their teeth from sugarbugs! 

The Magic School Bus and the Missing Tooth

For a child who loves to learn about science, The Magic School Bus and the Missing Tooth provides a fun adventure. Young readers can follow Ms. Frizzle and her magic school bus as they explore the inside of a human mouth and learn all about different types of teeth and what they do.

Doctor De Soto

Children can read about the mouse dentist, Dr. De Soto, as he and his dental assistant treat a variety of animals with tooth pain. Written by William Steig, the author of Shrek, this book is classic and has even received a Newbery Honor.

Feel free to contact Drs. Ali & Ali and the caring team at Wellesley Dental Group if you have any thoughts or concerns; they will be happy to answer your questions! Contact us today at 781-237-9071 or smile@wellesleydentalgroup.com to set up an appointment.

Your little ones and teens are welcome to visit our pediatric dentist, Dr. Derek, and Dr. Emad is happy to help with your TMJ and orthodontic needs. For wisdom teeth extractions or any other oral surgery needs, Dr. Stephens would love to help, and our gum-specialist Dr. Singh can help with your gum-related concerns.










Think About Your Oral Health During the Summertime!

July 28th, 2016


Summer is the time to relax, but it's also the time to check on your family's oral health!

To maintain a healthy smile and avoid damages, check out these list of tips from Colgate's® Oral Care Center:

  • keep up your brushing (twice a day) and flossing (daily) routine
  • replace your old toothbrush
  • schedule regular dental checkups
  • avoid buying sugary snacks and drinks
  • stock up on fruits, vegetables, etc.
  • make sure your kids follow the rules at the pool!
  • prepare an emergency dental kit for your vacation

Feel free to contact Drs. Ali & Ali and their newest addition to the team, Dr. Zarah Ali, if you have any thoughts or concerns. The caring team at Wellesley Dental Group will be happy to answer your questions! Contact us today at 781-237-9071 or smile@wellesleydentalgroup.com to set up an appointment and consultation.

Your little ones and teens are welcome to visit our pediatric dentist Dr. VanDr. Emad is happy to help with your orthodontic needs. For wisdom teeth extractions or any other periodontal or oral surgery needs, Dr. Ghazi would be more than willing to help.




Coconut Oil Can Help Fight Tooth Decay

March 14th, 2014

coconut oil
Did you know that coconut oil acts as a natural antibiotic when digested? Did you also know that it kills the bacteria responsible for tooth decay?
It's true! There's also evidence to suggest that the antibiotic part of the oil can be added to oral hygiene products.

Dr. Damien Brady and his team at the Athlone Institute of Technology in Ireland are responsible for these findings. They set out to see if the natural antibiotic in coconut oil could be used to fight strains of streptococcus bacteria, which is commonly found in the mouth and responsible for tooth decay.

The researchers tested the impact of coconut oil, vegetable oil and olive oil in their natural states and when treated with enzymes, in a process similar to digestion.  The oils were then tested against Streptococcus bacteria which are common inhabitants of the mouth. Only the enzyme-modified coconut oil showed an ability to halted most strains of bacteria from reproducing. It also attacked Streptococcus mutans, an acid-producing bacterium which is a major cause of tooth decay.

Test studies have also found that semi-digested coconut oil kills Candida albicans, a yeast that causes thrush. The scientists think that enzyme-modified coconut oil, meaning in its semi-digested state, could possibly have antimicrobial properties in oral healthcare, specially in hygiene products.

The research gave some insight into the workings of antibacterial activity in the human gut. "Our data suggests that products of human digestion show antimicrobial activity. This could have implications for how bacteria colonise the cells lining the digestive tract and for overall gut health," said Dr Brady.

Dr. Brady said: "Dental caries is a commonly overlooked health problem affecting 60-90% of children and the majority of adults in industrialized countries. Incorporating enzyme-modified coconut oil into dental hygiene products would be an attractive alternative to chemical additives, particularly as it works at relatively low concentrations."

nutiva coconut oil

spectrum coconut oil

barleans coconut oil








    Drs. Ali & Ali are happy to answer any questions you may have about this exciting new discovery! Or, if you have a different question or concern, don't hesitate to contact us at 781-237-9071 or smile@wellesleydentalgroup.com.

Your little ones and teens are welcome to visit our pediatric dentist Dr. Kim or Dr.PradhanDr. Emad is happy to help with your orthodontic needs. For wisdom teeth extractions or any other oral surgery needs Dr. Ghazi would be more than willing to help.

coconut oil uses good


Outstanding Yelp Review

August 8th, 2012

We recently received the below review on Yelp. We are truly speechless and touched by our patient's kind words and comments. Thank you so very much!


"After a negative experience at another local dentist, I followed my friends' advice and took my then 2.5 year old twins to see Dr. Femina Ali at Wellesley Dental Group.  Immediately, she put my children's minds at ease--even conducting my daughter's dental exam in a waiting room chair when she was too nervous to sit in the big dental chair.  Dr Ali's patience and natural ability with children has had such a positive impact on my children that they actually LOOK FORWARD to their semi-annual cleanings and visits.
Once we saw firsthand their high level of service and dedication at the Pediatric level and realized that they work with adults as well, my husband and I switched for our own dental visits as well.  Now we all go as a family, which I feel sets an especially good example for my kids.  They see that we're making our dental care a priority, so they are as well. My husband and I have both needed fillings in the past five years, and Dr. Ejaz Ali is an absolute perfectionist (which we love)!  Using cutting edge technology, he makes a mold to not only fill the tooth, but to make it a seamless match that will last a lifetime and look like it was always part of the tooth.  He did such a great job that I opted to have my previous fillings taken out and replaced with his handiwork.  My teeth look great and my smile is brighter and healthier than ever!

In addition to Drs. Femina and Ejaz Ali, I also have to mention their staff.  They employ a team of people who are warm, engaging, and passionate about dental health.  In the office and representing the practice around town, they make everyone feel welcome and take a genuine interest in each patient.  They even help entertain our kids while we're having our teeth cleaned!

Over the years, we have used their Oral Surgeon Dr. Ghazi to extract numerous teeth from both children.  He has the gentlest touch and always took great care to make it quick, easy, and painless for my children.  My children have also seen Dr. Emad--their orthodontist--to have their teeth evaluated for future orthodonture needs.  As a busy working mom, I am so grateful to have these services offered in-house, so I don't have to go elsewhere.  It makes it so much easier for me, especially knowing their high standard of care.

All in all, we can't say enough about the Wellesley Dental Group.  They are what every dental practice should be.  After six years as patients and friends of the Wellesley Dental Group -- we wouldn't trust our teeth and smiles to anyone else!!" - Joanna


Gum Disease, HPV Could Lead To Head, Neck Cancer

July 11th, 2012

New research is showing that chronic gum disease in conjunction with HPV may lead to head and neck cancer. The National Cancer Institute in the United States says that HPV is definitely a factor.

The study of 124 people who were diagnosed with squamous cell carcinomas showed that about 40% of tumors tested positive for HPV. These people were also more likely to have gum disease.

Gum disease is simple to detect and could help prevent the development of cancer in these patients.

The article is available in full here. If you have any questions, please contact us today at 781-237-9071 or smile@wellesleydentalgroup.com.

Wellesley's Wonderful Weekend 2012

May 8th, 2012

Wellesley's Wonderful Weekend will celebrate it's 14th anniversary this year with tons of exciting local events and happenings.

The parade and picnic in the park are two events we especially look forward to! Are you interested in marching with our team? Please contact us at smile@wellesleydentalgroup.com or 781-237-9071 for more information. This year, the parade and picnic will be on May 20th. For a complete list of events and more information on the weekend's festivities , please click here.

We hope to see you all at these paramount springtime events!

Possible Sugar Tax

February 13th, 2012

The over consumption of sugar has become a worldwide epidemic over the past fifty years. Experts in the United States are proposing a tax to moderate unhealthy sugar intake. The tax would apply to foods that have added sugar or sweeteners, such as soft drinks. Other countries have already implemented such taxes on unwholesome foods.

This excess sugar consumption is associated with the rise in obesity, high blood pressure, and diabetes. In addition, researchers believe that a ban preventing young children from purchasing unhealthy foods may be a key to developing healthy eating habits early on. For adults, the tax would discourage the purchase of sugary foods and drinks, which in turn would promote a healthier lifestyle.

Major changes like these take time and are certain to be faced with adversity. It’s hard to say if and when this tax would be imposed. How do you, our readers, feel about the proposed sugar tax?

Children's Oral Care

December 26th, 2011

Is there anything more heart-warming than seeing your child’s happy, healthy smile? As a parent, it’s important to learn how to properly care for your child’s oral health. Here are important things you should know about your child’s teeth:

  • Baby teeth are as important as adult teeth
  • Gaps between baby teeth are normal
  • Baby teeth guide permanent teeth into position
  • The most common chronic childhood disease is tooth decay
  • Sugar is the main cause of tooth decay

Babies are born with almost all of their primary teeth, though they are hidden in the gums. Therefore, it’s crucial to develop good oral care before the first tooth surfaces. Wipe your child’s gums with a damp cloth or gauze after feeding.

Teaching your child to develop good dental hygiene at a young age will help them to achieve a smile they can wear proudly as they grow older. Set a good example; demonstrate the value and importance of good oral health. A few tips:

  • Brush your child’s first teeth twice a day with water and a soft brush
  • Make brushing your child’s teeth fun, brush side-by-side
  • Visit a dentist before year 1 and every 6 months after
  • Limit sweets
  • Avoid putting your child to bed with a bottle containing anything but water


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