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Wellesley Wonderful Weekend 2014: Events and Activities

May 16th, 2014

Fireworks WCC It's that time of the year again! Time for a wonderful tradition - a town-wide celebration of Wellesley businesses and residents during Wellesley’s Wonderful Weekend! Every year a slew of events and activities is planned for the entertainment of Wellesley residents and visitors, young and old alike. The biggest attractions of the weekend are the Wellesley Veterans' Parade on Sunday and the Picnic in the Park, culminating with the Fireworks at dusk.


tooth fairy chucklesPicture4Every year, Wellesley Dental Group is involved in the Wellesley Wonderful Weekend Events. This year, on May 18th, at 1-3pm, our office team will participate in the parade on a tractor float, full of little smile ambassadors on board helping us promote healthy smiles. We will also be giving out "smile-protection kits" during the parade! The fun will continue at the picnic at 5pm, where we will have offer feather extensions and balloons for all our young smile ambassadors! Guest appearances from the Tooth Fairy and Chuckles the Dinosaur are expected. Also, this year we have a special treat for you - a photobooth, where you can goof around, play dress up (feel free to bring your own props, too!) and take pictures with your family or friends. You get to keep the photos as a token of appreciation of you joining us to celebrate the Wellesley Wonderful Weekend! At the end of the night, at dusk, you are in for a special treat - a colorful fireworks show, that we are proud to co-sponsor, together  with the Roche Brothers. Being Smile Ambassadors, it is our mission to put happy smiles on people's faces at the end of the weekend-long celebration! You can see the precise Wellesley’s Wonderful Weekend website Event Schedule right here. Thank you to the Wellesley Celebrations Committee for organizing such wonderful events for the community and the volunteers who support it. We also want to thank the Wellesley Police Department and Wellesley Fire Department for keeping everyone safe, and Wellesley Municipal Light Plant for powering up our photobooth! Let's plan on a sunny weekend of community spirit celebration and welcome all the Wellesley residents and guests to celebrate a great weekend! We will see you there!

Wellesley Parade and Picnic

May 23rd, 2013

Wellesley’s Wonderful Weekend was once again truly wonderful—what an amazing experience to celebrate another year of this great community tradition!

Thank you to the Wellesley Celebrations Committee for organizing such wonderful events for the community and the volunteers who support it. We also want to thank the Wellesley Police Department for not only keeping everyone safe this weekend but for also representing our town in the OneFund by selling BostonStrong t-shirts and donating proceeds to those who were affected by the recent Boston Marathon tragedy.

Our tractor float caught a lot of attention this year! It was all thanks to the little smile ambassadors we had on board helping our team promote healthy, happy smiles. The fun continued later at the picnic, where the Wellesley Dental Group tent was a real party! We had face painting and feather extensions, guest appearances from the Tooth Fairy and Chuckles the Dinosaur, and lots of treats for all our young smile ambassadors! Even a little rain didn't dampen the community spirit, and the night came to a perfect end with some truly spectacular fireworks. We can’t wait to sponsor them again next year!

Thank you - Smile Ambassadors at Sprague School

May 1st, 2013


On May 1st, Dr. Femina Ali visited Sprague School in Wellesley for their 5th Grade Career Day. Going not only as a dentist but a Smile Ambassador, she was so thrilled to share her passions and listen to the 5th graders' questions. The Career Day is a wonderful yearly event where kids can learn more about what they want to be when they grow up, whether their favorite hobbies can become their careers, even learn about what sort of inspiration can guide them towards their dream job.  Dr. Femina Ali commemorated this special occasion by handing out certificates to the kids, making them Smile Ambassadors for their communities, families, and beyond. Whatever career path these children will take down the road, they will always be Smile Ambassadors.

Also joining Dr. Ali were Christopher Price, sports columnist at the Boston Globe, Lisa Sewall, chef and restaurant owner of Lineage, Dr. Antonietta Orlandi, Wellesley-Natick Animal Hospital veterinarian, Katie Swenson, architect for Enterprise Community Partners, Prepresentative Alice Peisch of the 14th Norfolk District, and Dr. David Lussier, superintendent of schools in Wellesley.

Starting is easy, all it takes is a smile!

Dr. Femina Ali had the privilege of talking with the students about how she started on her journey to be a Smile Ambassador. "In my office, I'm a dentist. Outside, I am a Smile Ambassador... It all started with my family." Sharing smiles at home, making those you love happy is the first step. Dr. Femina Ali has always loved making people smile. She "fixes" smiles as a dentist and "spreads" them through her community volunteering.

She also had a few key take-home message she hopes her young "Smile Ambassadors" will hold close to heart:

  • The smiles you share with others will shine back on you.
  • Take care of your smile by brushing and flossing every day!
  • Being a Smile Ambassador can be hard, however, it's usually the most challenging things that are the most rewarding.
  • A Smile Ambassador spreads smiles not only at home, but in the classroom, community, and everywhere he or she goes.

Dr. Femina Ali cannot wait to visit Sprague School again and hopes that her new Smile Ambassadors will join her in the future to spread smiles in and around their beautiful town of Wellesley. After this amazing day, she realizes that, "I learned something, too, today, while I was eating with the students. Posted in the cafeteria was this quote by James Barrie, "Always try to be a little kinder than necessary," and it really struck me. I can see this quote reflected in everything that Sprague School does and in the student, who I know, irrespective of what they choose to do, will be successful Smile Ambassadors."

She sends a big Thank You to Sprague for this incredible honor of helping to shape the lives of these brilliant students. She would also like to thank Dr. Goodwin, Kathryn Ashraf, and Laura Brown-MacKinnon as well as all other committee members and parents without whom this wouldn't have been possible.



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