Smile for National Smile Month!

June 2nd, 2016

National Smile Month, one of the biggest and oldest campaigns of the United Kingdom that promotes proper oral health, runs from May 16th to June 16th. Each year, more than 50 million people are reached and great improvements are made in the in the UK. 2016 marks the 40th anniversary of the Oral Health Foundation's campaign to spread awareness on oral health issues and highlight three key tips for smile #goals:

  1. Brush at least twice a day (once before going to sleep at night) with fluoride toothpaste
  2. Reduce sugary food and drink intake
  3. Make regular visits to the dentist (as often as recommended)

To support this campaign, Brighton Implant Clinic's Dr. Bruno Silva also shared his top pieces of advice for maintaining a healthy smile:

  1. Use a straw when drinking acidic drinks like coffee and orange juice
  2. Floss to hit the spots you miss when you brush
  3. Avoid chewing on pens or pencils that could contain germs or ice that could damage your enamel
  4. Eat a balanced diet full of fruits, vegetables, starchy food, and protein (which could benefit your overall health as well!)
  5. Use fluoride toothpaste to strengthen enamel and prevent tooth decay
  6. Don't use mouthwash right after brushing - it could rinse off the fluoride from your toothpaste
  7. Cheese is great to prevent acid from hurting your teeth, but avoid dried fruits that can stick to your teeth
  8. Rinse with a fluoride mouthwash before sleeping

The Smile Ambassadors at Wellesley Dental Group are proud to support this campaign and are passionate about promoting proper oral health and increasing awareness on dental issues. In April, Drs. Ali and Ali attended a conference in Toronto led by the AACD (American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry), which leads the AACD Charitable Foundation to help those with dental injuries from domestic and sexual violence rebuild their smiles.


What is Sending Kids to Hospitals in UK?

August 18th, 2014

Researchers at the National Health Service of England have found staggering figures concerning how many primary school children are being admitted to the hospital each week due to oral health problems.  Almost 500 children per week are being admitted to hospitals with rotten teeth.  In fact, most of the admitted children need between four and eight of their baby teeth taken out.  In some cases, all 20 baby teeth have been extracted.

The research concludes that more than 1 in 4 five-year-olds have some type of tooth decay and in some areas of England, it is even more prevalent.  Last month, the National Health Services of England encouraged people to cut down on sugar consumption due to recent spikes in obesity and type 2 diabetes in the country.  Similarly, it seems that sugar is also the culprit for the rising rates of tooth decay in children as well.  More specifically, the Health and Social Care Information Centre concluded that of children ages five to nine, 25,812 children were admitted to a hospital for dental problems between 2013 and 2014.  This makes tooth decay the most common reason kids are admitted to the hospital in the UK.

Kathryn Harley, a consultant in pediatric dentistry at the Edinburgh Dental Institute, said, "We have children who require all 20 of their baby teeth to be extracted. It beggars belief that their diets could produce such a drastic effect.  They are going into hospital because they are either presenting with acute problems with pain or because the stage of dental disease, the number of teeth with decay, is such that they need a general anesthetic."

Dentists are urging parents to limit and monitor the amount of fizzy soda drinks and fruit juices that their children are drinking.  The new National Health Services advises women to have five to six teaspoons of sugar a day while men should have seven to eight teaspoons.  Currently, the average person in Britain consumes 15 teaspoons of sugar a day.  A can of Coca-Cola has eight teaspoons of sugar in it and a cup of fruit juice has about five teaspoons of sugar.

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