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Wellesley Dental Group Leadership

Femina Ali, DMD

Wellesley Massachusetts dentist Dr. Femina Ali
Dr. Femina Ali smiling and holding her hands out
Dr. Femina is passionate about making the community she works in a better place. She also enjoys cooking up new recipes and reading about current events.

Femina Ali, DMD
General Dentist

“My profession enriches my life. It is an amazing feeling to help my patients both look and feel better — it literally changes their life, and I am so honored to be a part of that. I am empathetic toward patients who have a lot of dental needs or fears of the dental office, but I believe that a nonjudgmental environment and a passionate team can make a world of a difference in making patients comfortable and healthy.” — Dr. Femina Ali

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Ejaz Ali, DMD

Wellesley Massachusetts dentist Dr. Ejaz Ali
Dr. Ejaz Ali smiling and holding his hands out
Dr. Ali recently completed a year-long full-mouth-reconstruction course at NYU. When he’s not in the classroom or working with his patients, he can be found following his favorite Boston sports teams.

Ejaz Ali, DMD
Cosmetic Dentist

“My passion is cosmetic reconstruction. Seeing the instant results of changing a person’s function and smile is so gratifying. The purpose of my life is to help my patients become healthier. Their connection in my life is so rewarding — every day I learn something new, and it enriches me both mentally and spiritually.” — Dr. Ejaz Ali

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Wellesley Dental Group Doctors

Wellesley Massachusetts dentist Dr. Zarah Ali
Dr. Zarah Ali smiling and giving the okay sign
Dr. Zarah Ali graduated magna cum laude from Tufts Dental, her parents’ alma mater. She is passionate about traveling, reading, and spending time with her husband, Dr. Hassan Barra!

Zarah Ali, DMD
General Dentist

Wellesley Massachusetts oral surgeon Dr. Richard Reisman
Wellesley Massachusetts oral surgeon Dr. Richard Reisman
A board certified oral and maxillofacial surgeon, Dr. Reisman is a graduate of the prestigious Harvard University School of Dental Medicine.

Richard Reisman, DMD
General Dentist

Wellesley Massachusetts orthodontist Dr. Marisa Reason
Wellesley Massachusetts orthodontist Dr. Marisa Reason
Dr. Reason was voted a Top Dentist by Boston Magazine in 2020, is passionate about providing excellent orthodontic treatment, and is a top 1% Invisalign provider.

Marisa Reason, DMD

Wellesley Massachusetts oral surgeon Dr. Medha Singh
Wellesley Massachusetts oral surgeon Dr. Medha Singh
Dr. Singh enjoys volunteering in underprivileged communities and mentoring students who are considering dental careers.

Medha Singh, DMD, MS

Wellesley Massachusetts pediatric dentist Dr. Bahar Houshmond
Wellesley Massachusetts pediatric dentist Dr. Bahar Houshmond
Formerly a full-time faculty member of the University of Connecticut’s Pediatric Dentistry Department, Dr. Houshmond is committed to building relationships with families.

Bahar Houshmond, DDS
Pediatric Dentist

Wellesley Dental Group Staff

Leyla smiling
Leyla smiling and pointing
Leyla is the mother of two beautiful twin girls, and has run countless half marathons.


Tanya smiling
Tanya smiling and posing
Tanya loves hiking and skiing, and dreams of going on a mission to assist an underserved country.


Yaritza smiling
Yaritza smiling and striking a pose
Yaritza has more than 12 years of dental experience! She loves working, but when she’s not in the dental office, she likes to spend time with her husband and three beautiful children! She enjoys reading and summer days at the beach.


Suri smiling
Suri laughing and holding out her hands
Suri is a pre-dental student who will begin her dental school training in the fall!


Farnaz smiling
Farnaz smiling with her arms crossed
Farnaz is a trained dentist from Iran, and is excited to learn about newer techniques in dentistry while she gains experience as a dental assistant.


Kat smiling
Kat smiling and giving peace signs
Kat is a Wellesley native! She grew up in town and attended Wellesley schools. She loves traveling and being outside and enjoys working out, hiking, and playing with her baby bunny, Theodore!