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Effective Treatments to Repair & Preserve Compromised Teeth

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Did you know that the hardest substance in your body is your tooth enamel? Even if it is stronger than your bones, it doesn’t mean they’re invulnerable to injury or decay. Since your pearly whites also won’t regenerate on their own, you’ll want to seek restorative dentistry in Wellesley if your smile becomes compromised. Our team at Wellesley Dental Group provides a wide range of services designed to repair and improve your teeth so that you can return to enjoying a beautiful and healthy smile. Keep reading to learn about our services or give us a call to schedule your next appointment.

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Tooth-Colored Fillings

Animated tooth with tooth colored dental filling

Traditional dental restoratives, or fillings, are most often made of silver amalgam. The strength and durability of this traditional dental material make it useful for situations where restored teeth must withstand extreme forces that result from chewing, often in the back of the mouth. Newer dental fillings include ceramic and plastic compounds that mimic the appearance of natural teeth. These compounds, often called composite resins, are usually used on the front teeth where a natural appearance is important, but they can also be used on the back teeth depending on the location and extent of the tooth decay.

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Dental Crowns

Animated smile during dental crown placement

Crowns are a restorative procedure used to improve your tooth’s shape or to strengthen a tooth. They’re most often reserved for teeth that are broken, worn, or have portions destroyed by tooth decay. These dental caps are cemented onto existing teeth that usually cover the portion of your tooth above the gum line. In effect, the crown becomes your tooth’s new outer surface. Your restoration can be made of porcelain, metal, or both, but porcelain is most often preferred because it mimics the translucency of natural teeth and is incredibly durable. Your crown will be sculpted just for you so that your bite and jaw movements function normally once the crown is placed.

Root Canal Treatment

Animated root canal procedure

In the past, if you had a tooth with a diseased nerve, you'd probably lose that tooth. Today, with a special dental procedure called “root canal treatment,” your tooth can be saved. When a tooth is cracked or has a deep cavity, bacteria can enter the pulp tissue and germs can cause an infection inside the tooth. If left untreated, an abscess may form. If the infected tissue is not removed, pain and swelling can result. This can not only injure your jawbones, but it is also detrimental to your overall health.

Tooth Extractions

Animated tooth during extraction

There are times when it is necessary to remove a tooth. Sometimes a baby tooth has misshapen or long roots that prevent it from falling out as it should, and the tooth must be removed to make way for the permanent tooth to erupt. At other times, a tooth may have so much decay that it puts the surrounding teeth at risk of decay, so your doctor may recommend removal and replacement with a bridge or implant. Infection, orthodontic correction, or problems with a wisdom tooth can also require a removal procedure. While this process is typically quick, don’t hesitate to mention any concerns or preferences for sedation to minimize discomfort.

Wisdom Teeth Extractions

Animated smile with impacted wisdom teeth

Wisdom teeth are types of molars found in the very back of your mouth. They usually appear in the late teens or early twenties but may become impacted (fail to erupt) due to lack of room in the jaw or angle of entry. When a wisdom tooth is impacted, it may need to be removed. If it is not removed, you may develop gum tenderness, swelling, or even severe pain. Impacted wisdom teeth that have partially or fully erupted tend to be quite difficult to clean and are susceptible to tooth decay, recurring infections, and even gum disease.

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Full Mouth Reconstruction

Animated tooth during extraction

Sometimes a patient might have more than one issue that will require restorative dental treatment. Instead of figuring out which services you’ll need to undergo all on your own, our team can offer full mouth reconstruction to develop a streamlined plan to renew and improve your complete smile. This option is designed to fix all of your pearly whites so that you can make the most of a functional and aesthetic bite that can last for many years to come. Whether you’re struggling with decay, damage, tooth loss, or all of the above, our team can create the personalized treatment you deserve.

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